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CAR RESTORATION HOW TO How to Replace A Distributor Without Going Crazy. What might seem like a trivial task to most hobbyists, removing and replacing (or reinstalling) a distributor can easily degenerate into a time-consuming, frustrating job that can result in great difficulty in getting an engine running properly. Specifically, the front-drive kills it for me. It’s not like the engine selections were great…you have the HT4100, the 368 Cadillac with the V8-6-4 displacement feature that just didn’t work, or the Oldsmobile diesel V8. If you were cheap, you could get the 4.1L V6, and if you were lucky you got an Oldsmobile 350 hooked to the transaxle.

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The HT4100 was prone to failure of the intake manifold gasket. It may not have been the most successful engine to sit under the hood of a Cadillac, but potential buyers were no more satisfied with the other two engines available at the time, the V8-6-4 and the Oldsmobile 5.7 L Diesel. Reliability issues soiled the reputation of the HT4100.
• Diagnósticos simple para c,ue lo haga usted • Acceso fácil a los códigos de problemas de la computadora en el vehículo • Diagrama completo y f;:cil de entenc. er de los códigos para todos los modelos SALE-1949 Ford Coupe. 350 motor and transmission. Power steering and brakes $15,000. Located in Madison area. SALE-1948 Chevy 2 door sedan with lots of extras $12,000. SALE-1933 Plymouth, 2 door sedan, 350 automatic, power windows, brakes, suicide doors, older build, nice interior, priced to sell at $12,500.

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All '81-'84 Cadillac commercial chassis used the same 368c.i. engine. Same engine that the used for the V-8/6/4 in the '81 RWD passenger cars, but the commercial chassis never came with the V-8/6/4 setup. The Cadillac commercial chassis never used the ht4100.
Find Classic Cars for Sale at Vanguard Motor Sales in Michigan - we ship worldwide! Browse inventory or visit our 60,000 Sq. Ft. Showroom. 1978 Buick Riviera This American classic has 40,000 miles and it is still in good condition It is a 75th Anniversary edition of the Riviera model It has just undergone a complete overhauling and restoration process Equipped with GM Buick 5.7 liter V8, 350 small block automatic transmission Bore x Stroke estimated at 96.52 mm x 97.79 mm ...

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Which brings up another 1982 Cadillac surprise, yet another new engine. This was a small V-8, just 4.1-liters (249-cubic-inches) with a cast-iron head atop a lightweight aluminum block, plus digital fuel injection. Dubbed "HT4100," it was standard for all '82s (save Cimarron and limos).
Nov 28, 2009 · I was thinking only the bad variable cylinder V8 , the 4100 V6 or diesel V8 were the only available engines, but from the brochure a 350 gas engine (some were FI) were available on the very early 80s Cadillacs. I would say the 350 gas engine would be the good one. The diesel, the 368 and 4100 V6 were supposed to be pretty lousy. Hello all, My 350 motor finally coughed its last cough and died. I had a 6.2 engine given to me (if I want it). My truck is 93 2500. Everyone I talk to says its not worth the trouble it will be to convert it over, but I'd like the project. I've only done one engine swap a LONG time ago, and...

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From the fuel injected, gasoline fired Oldsmobile 350 of 1979 to the Cadillac 368 in 1980 that became the V-8-6-4 for 1981, the HT4100 that debuted for 1982 and even a Buick V-6 in 1981 and 1982, of the bevy of engines you could find in these 1979-1985 Cadillac Eldorado's only one was available through all seven model years - the 350 cubic inch ...
$350.00 shipping. 91-95 Cadillac 4.9l V8 Engine Dropout/Swap Fiero V8 Donor 121k Video Tested (Fits: Cadillac Eldorado) $674.99. Was: $899.99. $270.00 shipping. got a wj a week ago for 870 put 350 into it new oil pump and brakes shes good now 220kms on a 4.0 Nice WJ Ive got 2 of em myself and love them both. My first WJ was IMO the best vehicle Ive ever had and Im hoping and praying that the new one will be just as good after a few minor hiccups right after I bought it.

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Nov 16, 2012 · Fe 290 to Fe 350 engine swap Hi folks ,great forum, I have a 1997 CC with a Fe 290 that needs a rebuild. I also have a Fe 350 from another old cart that I could rebuild.My question is would the 350 give it a lot more power?I have heard that the 350 would not "bolt right in" .
350 engine; 89 Deville, AC; cadillac cien; chiltons repair manual for sale; caddy V8 500 CID; need ideas for belt tension; fs:clifford alarms; Twin Turbo Caddy? L.E.D. Tail light problems; Dident know it was a 3 year old thread, maybe its time to clean up the fourm? 1989 Fleetwood Stalling & Surging; setting clock; no crank, 85 Fleetwood HT4100 ... Got it sep 14th 2018 with 46,699 original miles... it's a DeElegance with optional cushioned seats, good oll HT4100 (basically found on every worst top ten engine list you'll see) paint faded and delta sonic took my vinyl top but all and all a solid car, needs a respray but my budys father owns me a paint job for building a 87 firebird drag car ...

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HT4100 the equivalent of a Vega engine in V8 form.Junk from the get go.After 1 yr of misery and failure they should have quit and thrown an 350ci iron engine in the RWD car and a 3800 V6 for the FWD cars,it would have been way better.
t'y rajoute un 350 un peu énervé et voila . ... Une vieille Seville avec un HT4100 ... Le moteur un 327 à l'origine et la boite ont été swap par un 454 (pas plus ...